Black Carrot Juice Concentrate

Black carrot juice concentrate is obtained from black carrots (Daucus carota L.) by physical concentration techniques.Manufacturing methods are similar with other fruits and vegetable processing.But on the other hand,color strength is much more important in many cases due to its using mainly in natural food coloring,drinks,beverage,confectionary,dairy,candies,yoghurt an in general food ingredients industry.

Black Carrot Juice Concentrate includes 13/14 times more antioxidant in comparison with regular carrot concentrate.

Black Carrot Juice Concentrate is stable in chancing of temperature and can be used as color additive for various fruit products directly without any extentional procedure.


Total antocyanin 189 mg / 100g (calculated as volume corresponding to cyanidin)
422 mg / 100g (in case of 3 times concentrated juice)
Total anthocyanin 28 times more than normal ( standard carrot )
Total polyphenol 448mg / 100g
778 mg / 100g (in case of 3 times concentrated juice)
DPPH radical scavenging characteristics 567 mg / 100g
1689 mg / 100g (in case of 3 times concentrated juice)
Fuku Ken No. 932252
December 28, 2006
Head of Fukuoka Quarantine Office