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Here you will see a wide variety of natural concentrate products that we produce proudly. 

How to Work ?



Product’s quality cames from    best quality of raw material seeds,selecting of the fields,growing method and    finally processing and storage techniques.



Erkon has 11.000 m square production area with 3.500 mts storage capacity.



Experienced staff with Hi-tech machinery and equipments.



The basic component of our quality policy: Confidence & Client Satisfaction



From 25 Kgs to 25.000 Kgs Packing



Dispatching products on the time



After sale services like documentation,tracking,support and easy communication etc.


Black Carrot

Black Carrot Juice Concentrate includes 13/14 times more antioxidant in comparison with regular carrot concentrate.


Pomegranate Juice Concentrate


Blackberry Juice Concentrate


Sour Cherry Juice Concentrate


Strawberry Juice Concentrate

Black Cabbage

Black Cabbage Juice Concentrate


Apple Juice Concentrate

Red Beet

Red Beet Juice Concentrate


Erkon’s Roots


Erkon’s roots start since 1970’s by YIGIT Family who is dealing with agricultural products in historical region Eregli.The city has first agricultural monument ( The Ivriz rock relief of Hittite). The Monument shows that the Warpalawas, king of Tuwanuwa, together with the Luwian weather god Tarhunzas, which can be identified through the inscriptions on the relief. The relief has three inscriptions. One in front of the head of the weather god, one behind the king and one down at the bottom located in a small cavity, where a dedication of the artist is written. In the centre of the relief, the weather god, who holds a wheat bundle with his left hand and grapes with the other, is demonstrated. He carries also grapes and grape leaves on his belt, symbolizing the fertility of the valley.

Started to Black Carrot Farming

YIGIT Family begin to produce black carrot (Daucus carota) in 1971 for domestic market shalgam (hot traditional drink) juice manufacturers

 Raw Material Export

First black carrot ( raw material ) export for natural food colors,beverage and in general food ingredient industry.

Erkon Konsantre

Erkon has founded by YIGIT family and EURO GAMMA HOLDING / Italy to manufacture black carrot,red beet and red cabbage juice concentrate for natural food colours and drink industry.

The First Export

Erkon has begin to produce and export of first black carrot juice concentrate to world wide well known food ingredients companies.

Red Beet Juice Concentrate


Red beet juice concentrate production has been started.

Red Cabbage


Started to red cabbage juice concentrate production

Sour & Sweet Cherry

Started to Sour / Sweet Cherry Juice Concentrate  production

Organic Production

Started to Organic Purple / Black Carrot and Red Beet Juice Concentrate Production

New Products

Pomegrenate / Apple juice concentrate production started in 2012.

Organic Lemon Juice

In 2012 we have started to produce Organic Black Carrot Juice Concentrate with Organic Lemon Juice as well.

Quality Management

Confidence and Client Satisfaction

The basic component of our quality policy are ''Confidence and Client Satisfaction'' These basic components that directs our quality policy and our experts staffs in their scope orientates us processing very high quality production. Our company has specialized to reach top quality standart.
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